I want to announce that on 19th October I’ll teach the workshop titled “Introduction to Bioinformatics applied to Metagenomics and Community Ecology” during the conference Community Ecology for the 21st Century (√Čvora, Portugal).

In this workshop I’ll introduce the new tool called AmpliTAXO that allows an online, easy and automated analysis of NGS data from ribosomal RNA and other genetic markers used in metagenomics.

If you are interested, you can contact here with the conference organizers to join the workshop or the full conference, there are still available places in the workshop.

The workshop will consist in two modules, in the first, will be exposed the metagenomics fundamentals, challenges, the technical advances of the high-throughput sequencing techniques and the analysis pipeline of the most used tools (UPARSE, QIIME, MOTHUR). The second part will be practical and we will perform an analysis of real metagenomic data from NGS experiments.

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